How to Keep Spiders, Bugs & Insects Off Security Cameras

How to Keep Spiders, Bugs & Insects Off Security Cameras

Bugs and pests can cause problems with outdoor security cameras. Bugs are typically attracted to light sources, so if a light accompanies your camera, there is a high chance bugs will make the camera their home. They cause problems because they can obscure the camera lens, blocking the features and activity you monitor via your home security system. 

Keeping bugs away from your cameras is essential for clear visibility and functionality. At Safe & Sound Home Systems, we have put together some recommendations for deterring bugs and insects from your outdoor security cameras

Basic Bug Prevention Ideas

There are some basic and easy ways to help prevent bugs from obscuring your security cameras. 

Some of these bug-prevention ideas include: 

  • Dryer sheets: Use dryer sheets around the camera, as bugs don’t like the strong smell. 

  • Make cameras slippery: Bugs have a harder time landing on slippery surfaces, so use a lubricant like silicon, Vaseline, or Teflon spray on your cameras. 

  • Use a fan: Attach a small fan to the home near the camera to keep a constant breeze, which will help deter bugs. 

  • Insect Repellant: You can spray the area with insect repellent to keep them away. 

  • Shut off LED lights: Without a light source, bugs may not be inclined to land and hang out on your cameras. 

  • Flea collars: You can loop a flea collar around your cameras to help repel spiders and other bugs. 

Effective Natural Remedies to Deter Bugs from Security Cameras

If you don’t like harsh chemicals or insect sprays, some natural remedies help deter bugs. You can use certain essential oils, like peppermint, eucalyptus, or citrus, to repel bugs. 

To make a solution, dilute a few drops of essential oils in water and spray the solution around the camera area. You can also soak cotton balls in the essential oil and place them strategically around your cameras. 

The downside of this method is that the smell will eventually wear off. You will need to spray often to keep bugs away from your cameras.

While not exactly natural, a physical barrier around your camera can help deter bugs. You can use mesh screens, wire cages, or specialized camera enclosures to help keep away bugs while maintaining proper airflow and visibility. 

How Weather Affects Insects Interfering with Cameras

There are several ways that weather causes insects to interfere with your cameras. First, insects are cold-blooded. Extreme hot or cold temperatures can affect insect activity. 

If your area gets cold, the bugs may rely on the warmth provided by the camera and lights to warm themselves. If it’s very hot, more bugs will be active, making it more likely for them to interfere with cameras. 

High humidity also attracts more bugs, which usually happens in the summer. 

Best Camera Maintenance Practices to Prevent Bug Issues

It is possible to perform regular maintenance on your cameras to prevent bug issues. Cleaning your cameras regularly can wipe away cobwebs, dust, or debris that may accumulate around the camera. 

You can use a soft brush or cloth and gently wipe down the camera. You can also shut off the LED light to keep bugs away that would be attracted by the light. 

How Landscaping Affects Bug Problems With Outdoor Security Cameras

Landscaping near your home can attract insects to your security cameras and inside your home. Some plants are more attractive to bugs, so keeping those away from your yard or out of the area entirely can help. 

Some plants that attract insects are those with curved leaves or pubescent leaves (fuzzy leaves). These will trap water, which will attract bugs who need it to survive. 

Some organic mulch can also attract insects. Bugs feed off dead organic materials, so choosing natural mulch will attract more of them. Instead, use non-organic materials like rubber, plastic, rocks, and pebbles. 

Long-Terms Solutions for Keeping Bugs Away from Security Cameras

There are some long-term solutions for keeping bugs away from security cameras. These solutions can help keep your maintenance practices to a minimum. 

Some solutions include: 

  • Use insect-repellent coatings on cameras

  • Use infrared illuminators that reduce insect interference

  • Install camera housing modifications

  • Install ultrasonic big devices 

  • Keep vegetation around cameras to a minimum

  • Use chemical treatments

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