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Whole Home Audio

A whole-house audio system symbolizes the ultimate in home entertainment, creating a harmonious flow of music that envelops every corner of your space.

To do it right, though, you need a trusted whole-home audio installation company with 20 years of A/V experience to ensure the sounds play the way you want. Let the A/V installation leaders at Safe & Sound Home Systems help you choose the brands and design the system that truly rocks your world!

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Twin Cities Preferred Whole-Home Audio Installer

Picture the sheer luxury of your beloved melodies accompanying you effortlessly as you move from your cozy living room to your bustling kitchen and even to your serene bathroom spa, all at the simple touch of a button. 

This seamless integration of sound transforms any space into a symphony of blissful moments, from indoors to out on your patio . However, it all depends on the installation, so entrusting the job to a certified professional with expertise in audio systems and home integration is crucial. 

Our respected professionals ensure proper setup, calibration, and connectivity tailored to your home’s specific needs. That’s why homeowners throughout the Twin Cities have chosen us time and again for their A/V and smart home needs. 

Install for Convenient Luxury

Homeowners benefit significantly from professionally installing whole-house A/V systems due to the convenience of controlling the ambiance of their home. These systems enhance entertaining, allow varied audio in different rooms to suit each family member's preferences, and increase a home's value. 

When working with a caring specialist who understands exactly what you want from your home audio, the result is a luxurious, tailor-made sound experience that combines both functionality and enjoyment. 

Integrate With Smart Home Features

Integrating a whole-house audio system with other smart home features, such as voice control, automated lighting , and temperature control, amplifies the smart living experience. 

With the right setup, you could create scenarios where music could start playing as soon as you enter the house or have audio follow you room by room based on motion detection, all while ensuring energy efficiency and convenience.

Get the Sound of Modern Living

High-performing speakers and sound distribution should not be limited to your home theater or media room . Music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more deserve to be enjoyed wherever you are and with the highest quality of sound possible.

Immerse yourself in the future of home entertainment with a whole-house audio system designed for how we live today. Whether hosting a party, enjoying a relaxing bath, or cooking a family dinner, your home can resonate with the soundtracks of your life.

Fill out our contact form or call 763-634-1094 to get started on retrofitting your home with a whole-home audio system or including it as part of a smart home package for a new house you’re building!

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