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Elderly Wellness

At Safe & Sound Home Systems, we understand the value of staying in your home for as long as you want, but as you or your loved ones age, you may find that a wellness monitoring system is the best way to live comfortably and safely.

Wellness monitoring allows for independent living while providing a safety net for your loved ones and alerts you if something serious or unexpected happens. Talk with our experts on how to add a layer of security that creates a better home environment for your aging family.

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Wellness Monitoring Camera Installation in Maple Grove & The Twin Cities

It is hard to give up personal freedoms, and for many, the thought of not living independently is excruciating. However, if your loved one has suffered from a fall or accident, sometimes struggles with home maintenance, or doesn’t always answer the phone when you call, you may need to help them incorporate a safety net.

Elderly monitoring cameras and automated systems installed by our professionals enable your loved ones to continue living in their homes comfortably while you can ensure they stay safe.

Alerts for Unusual Activity

With a wellness monitoring system, you can track the activity patterns of your loved one, like how long they stay in bed, how often they sit in their favorite chair, or when they leave the house.

If they change their behavior, the monitoring system’s intelligent sensors can send a notification to your smart device. A wellness monitoring system with cameras can also send you videos of accidents or problems that require immediate attention.

You’ll be able to call authorities or help your loved one immediately in case of an emergency.

Automate Regular Routines

A wellness check system can also be designed to automate daily routines to help your loved ones live more comfortably.

Automate climate controls for a stable, cozy home environment, and add smart lighting and automated shades either programmed on a smart device or through a remote for easier control.

Integrate Pendants

For even more personalized safety, a wellness monitoring system can be paired with emergency response or medical alert pendants. If your loved one pushes the pendant button, the wellness system will notify you immediately.

Know Your Loved Ones Are Safe & Secure

Let Safe & Secure Home Systems create a personalized wellness surveillance system that offers you peace of mind as your loved ones age while allowing them to live where they feel most comfortable. 

With 20 years of experience installing high-end security systems, we know the brands that offer you the highest quality wellness monitoring and the installation expertise to streamline the system for ease of use. 

Reach out to our team for a free consultation and discover how your loved ones can stay safe in their homes. Call 763-634-1094 or submit a request through our contact form. 

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