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Automated Blinds

As smart home technology continues to evolve, automated blinds are becoming increasingly popular among tech-savvy homeowners seeking comfort and convenience, but not all motorized blinds are created equal.

While building your new home or re-fashioning your current one, turn to the home automation specialists at Safe & Sound Home Systems for precise installation of tailored automated shades from industry leaders. Request a free consultation with our team today!

Install Automated Shades

Innovative Shades for Modern Living 

Imagine effortlessly adjusting the lighting and privacy of your space with just a touch or a voice command. The convenience and modernity of automated blinds offer a seamless integration of technology into your daily life.

When installed correctly and with the highest quality technology from our experienced team, that effortless and immediate automation will make you love your home even more! 

Complete Integration

Automated blinds can be integrated with your existing smart home systems or established with a new home automation network. Our team ensures a seamless integration regardless of the current or new system, and we’ll show you how to run it once it’s set up. 

The most convenient and beneficial uses of electric shades are when you connect them to smart lighting, thermostats, and virtual assistants. 

Set scenes and routines that synchronize your lighting and climate settings with your blinds for a harmonious smart home experience.

Enhanced Convenience

Imagine waking up to gentle sunlight as your shades automatically ascend to greet the morning sun. Or picture closing your blinds from the comfort of your couch as the sun sets. 

Automated blinds offer unmatched convenience, allowing you to control your environment without interrupting your daily activities.

Energy Efficiency

By optimizing the amount of sunlight entering your home, automated blinds can help you reduce energy costs. During summer, close them to keep your home cool, or open them in winter to invite warmth from the sun. 

This smart adaptation increases comfort and lessens reliance on heating and cooling systems.

Safety & Security

Say goodbye to dangling cords that pose a safety risk to pets and children. Automated blinds offer a cordless solution, making your living environment safer. 

They also increase security by allowing you to simulate presence with scheduled adjustments, deterring potential intruders when you're not home.

Complete the Picture With Smart Window Shades

When creating your home automation package with the Safe & Sound Home Systems team, include automated shades and be amazed by the instant warm comfort and cool shade they provide your home. 

Let our team help you choose the right tech to pair with your shades and smoothly integrate it with all your smart devices and smart home technology. View our gallery to see how we’ve incorporated automated shades with other smart home features in homes throughout the Twin Cities. 

Then call 763-634-1049 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation for your home automation needs.

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