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Carbon Monoxide

Some of the biggest dangers in any home are smoke, fires, and carbon monoxide, and while regulation smoke and CO detectors have helped save families for years, highly developed technology is making homes even safer.

Safe & Sound Home Systems offers environmental monitoring that allows you better surveillance of your home, especially when there’s a problem, so you can respond to potential threats even when you’re not around. Set up a consultation with us to learn more.

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Build a Safer Home With Smart Smoke & CO Alarms

Homeowners spend a lot of time configuring security systems that protect their homes from intruders, but other hazards lurk right under our noses. For the most complete protection, ensure your home security features include smart carbon monoxide and smoke alarms.

Our team works with you as you build your new home or improve your existing one to ensure all security elements, including CO and smoke detectors, are of the highest caliber.

Fast Detection, Clear Alerts

When combined with other parts of your home security system, smart smoke alarms enhance the protection of your home. While traditional smoke detectors alert occupants of smoke or a fire, they stop there.

Smart smoke detectors go further and provide homeowners with more complete safeguards, like: 

  • Alert you to threats on your smart device. If you’re not on your property, you can still know what’s happening, call authorities, and prevent more damage from occurring. 
  • Notify authorities automatically. When linked to your security system, a triggered smart smoke alarm will send a message to your security provider, who can alert authorities for you. 
  • View threats online. By combining your smart smoke detector with security cameras, you can see the cause of a problem and react quickly to stop it before it becomes a disaster. 

Whether you’re home or not, smart smoke alarms allow you to monitor your home better, save it from destruction, and protect the people inside. 

Install Smart Smoke & CO Detectors Today

More comprehensive protection is just a call away! Ensure your security system does its job fully by including smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in your home. 

For a complete security package, consult with the Safe & Sound Home Systems team on home security and surveillance systems that check every box on your list of protection needs. Our experts work one-on-one with you to design and install fully automated systems that are individualized for your unique home. 

Call us at 763-634-1094 or fill out our contact form to see how we can help boost the performance of your home security or install a new targeted system! 

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