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You can’t be everywhere when it comes to monitoring all the things that could go wrong in your home. From water leaks in your basement to temperature and humidity control, an automated environmental monitoring system from Safe & Sound Home Systems can be your extra set of eyes. 

Once installed as part of your home security system, you’ll always be aware of what’s happening in even the smallest corners of your home. Set up a free consultation to get started!

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Twin Cities Leader in Creating Safer Homes

Our company has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology that improves how homeowners care for their homes. When installing environmental monitoring and security systems, you can trust that we’ve partnered with industry-leading brands like Alarm.com, Control4, and more.

Plus, as a local Twin Cities business, our team is available whenever you need us. From installation to maintaining your system, our experts go the extra mile to ensure the safety and comfort of your home.

See why we’ve earned an exceptional reputation with homeowners and builders alike in our reviews!

Environmental Monitoring for All Areas of Your Home

Ideal for your home, vacation homes, investment properties, and more, environmental monitoring keeps you in the loop in case anything suddenly goes wrong.

Receive a notification on your smartphone, tablet, or computer of a smoke detection or a burst pipe, and then take action before the problem grows out of control.

Leak Detection

Monitor pipes throughout your home and keep an eye on the sump pump in your basement. 

If any leaks occur or your basement starts to flood, you will be notified no matter where you are and given the time to act instead of coming home to a disaster. 

Temperature Control

Protect your home from freezing or excessive heat building up even while you’re away for long periods of time. Program thermostats from your smart device and get notified if temps change.

Fire & Smoke Monitoring

Few things are more dangerous than house fires. But with the right technology, you can know if your home is in danger from smoke or fire while you’re not there.

Smart environmental monitoring lets you know when your smoke detector goes off so you can take precautions without even being home.

Storm Damage

Be alerted to outdoor problems that may occur on your property due to hail, high winds, snow, and ice, and be able to act quickly to make repairs.

Maintain Your Home’s Comfy Environment

While environmental monitoring can’t take away the surprises homeownership throws at you, it can make them easier to manage. With proper security installation from our team and well-known technology on your side, you can stave off the worst. 

Consult with our team on the best solutions for your home. Whether that means setting up alarm systems in key areas or installing cameras for added security, you’ll gain the best protection available for your home and family. 

For more information on all your home security options, fill out our contact form or call 763-634-1094, and our team will help you discover a safer home!

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