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Today’s modern home doesn’t just require Wi-Fi. It’s imperative for smart homes to have high-quality, always-on, reliable signal whole-home network Wi-Fi. That’s where a home automation installation expert like Safe & Sound Home Systems comes into play. 

Our 20+ years of experience installing all things smart homes has given us the edge in designing complete networks that fit your lifestyle and manage the capacity of all your home automation needs. To start improving your home network, reach out to us today! 

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Full-Service Home Networking Company

Creating a seamless home network requires a blend of technical expertise and strategic planning. Our professional installers begin by assessing the layout and size of your home to determine the optimal placement for routers and extenders, ensuring robust signal strength across the entire residence.

By utilizing dual-band or mesh network technology, our installers can greatly enhance network coverage, even in areas that may traditionally be out of range, like backyards or basements.

Ensuring Whole-House Coverage

To guarantee that Wi-Fi reaches every corner of a house, our home networking service can implement a variety of solutions, including:

  • Placement of the router: Our experts centralize the router to avoid obstructions such as walls, metal objects, and large appliances.
  • Mesh networks: We can use multiple nodes or access points that work together to blanket the entire home with a strong signal.
  • Wi-Fi extenders: By placing these in strategic locations, our installers can boost the signal to areas further away from the router, including creating backyard hot spots.

Integrating Smart Home Features

For a home network to support smart home devices efficiently, our experts will first ensure all smart devices are compatible with existing Wi-Fi standards and frequencies.

We always use the latest routers and modems when connecting your smart home automation components so that they will support advanced features like device prioritization and parental controls. Depending on your wants our team can also create separate networks or a guest network to limit connectivity issues and enhance security.

Plus, our expert configuration can customize settings for optimal performance and security, including SSID broadcast adjustments, channel selection, and encryption methods.

Dedicated Wi-Fi Installation Company

Our professional home networking company takes all factors of your home and your wants into account to deliver a tailored, high-performance Wi-Fi system that integrates seamlessly with a variety of smart home features.

By conducting a thorough consultation and employing the latest technologies, we ensure that your connected home operates smoothly, whether you're streaming movies in your media room , working in your home office, or controlling smart appliances from your smartphone.

Ready to install a robust Wi-Fi system capable of handling all your smart home and personal needs? Call our experts at 763-634-1094 or submit our contact form to set up a free consultation!

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